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The Sensuous Night

The Sensuous Night


The Sensuous Night~ Comprised of: Hibiscus, Rosehips, Elderberry, Gingko Leaf & Fennel

Facilitates: Awakening of Desire, Strengthening of the Body & Empowering of the Self

This tea was created to focus on the female libido. It’s a dark, sexy and full-bodied blend that nurtures women’s hormones and heightens desire. Hibiscus has long been used to attract love & passion. It is said to unlock and set loose your inner fire. It partners with the dark loveliness of rosehip and elderberry to deliver a rich, berry flavor that protects & opens the heart. Gingko & fennel come along to lift the libido to new heights. This is also a delightful blend to boost your immune system while fighting off sickness.
Comes in a simple brown tea bag with a 1 measuring cups worth of tea. Number of servings depends on personal preference but shouldn't be larger than 1 tablespoon per cup. So the minimum amount of servings is 16.

**All teas from The Swallow's Flight are herbal and contain no caffeine. If you have any herbal allergies, please contact me after your purchase and I will ensure there is no accidental crossover between herbs.**

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