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Painting the Roses Red

Painting the Roses Red


Painting the Roses Red~ Comprised of: Rose, Mint, Hibiscus, Nettle, Ginger & Lemon Balm

Facilitates: Balancing of the Hormones, Easing of the Pain & Uplifting of Spirit

This passionate blend is full of herbs that love and nurture the female reproductive system. Rose & Hibiscus work together to ease pain, regulate blood flow and increase the chance of a regular cycle. They whisper sweet somethings to the hormones, helping to reduce anxiety as hormone levels are balanced. Mint soothes menstrual cramps while refreshing your tired body and bringing a bright flavor to the tea. Nettle calms the inner storm by reducing excessive bleeding. Ginger brings a warmth from the inside out, calming the stomach and easing the cramps that can so easily wrack the body. Lemon Balm is there to uplift your spirit, chasing away those PMS blues. These herbs come together to calm the inner storm during the tumultuous monthly cycle.
Comes in a simple brown tea bag with a 1 measuring cups worth of tea. Number of servings depends on personal preference but shouldn't be larger than 1 tablespoon per cup. So the minimum amount of servings is 16.

**All teas from The Swallow's Flight are herbal and contain no caffeine. If you have any herbal allergies, please contact me after your purchase and I will ensure there is no accidental crossover between herbs.**

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