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White Mudcloth Pillow with your choice or Blue Linen or Green Velvet

White Mudcloth Pillow with your choice or Blue Linen or Green Velvet

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Fill material: Feather


Length: 16 Inches; Width: 16 Inches

Made with authentic mudcloth from Masi and backed with a lovely blue linen, these pillows bring a beautiful “pop” into the room. The tribal patterns are full of history and carry their secrets into your home. A lovely way to add texture to your space. Mixing & matching different patterns and colors create an expression of radiance and beauty. With inner pillows that feel like a dream, they’re a perfect way to marry pretty with practicality.

Dimensions are: Approx. 16x16
Fabrics are: Handwoven mudcloth and blue linen
Weight: 1lb, 6oz
Closure: This is magically sewn to have no zipper closure. Inner pillow is included

Please keep in mind that each of these items are handmade and may appear slightly different than the product picture. Given the nature of authentic, handwoven mudcloth, small fabric inaccuracies can occur. Personally, I think the charm of having handmade items is the fact that no one else has exactly the same thing.
I do my best to give only the highest quality product but if you feel that your purchase does not live up to this standard, please reach out to me directly and we will try to work something out.

I am always happy to create a custom order for you! If you see a product of mine that is almost what you want, or you have a vision for what you want, reach out to me an we’ll discuss what the custom order process looks like. Generally, these orders will take longer to fulfill but a unique item that is tailored just to you is well worth the wait.

2 options blue or green:
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