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My Favorite Murder Brand Blend

My Favorite Murder Brand Blend


My Favorite Murder Brand Blend~ Comprised of: Hibiscus, Rose, Rosehips, Lemon Balm, Ashwaganda Root, Fennel & Valerian Root

Faciliates: Warming of the Inner Self, Remembrance of Special Moments & Uplifting the Spirit

I created this blend to encompass everything that the ladies of My Favorite Murder and their podcast stands for. Hibiscus represents their bold flare, making this blend as vibrant and full of life as they are. Rose stands for the heart they put into each lost one while Rosemary reminds us to remember them all and hold them dear. Ashwaganda & Valerian team up to uplift the mood and bring energy to the body, helping to combat anxiety & depression. Fennel is full of warmth and is the inner hug we all could us. Overall this blend is bold, warm and full of love.

Comes in a simple brown tea bag with a 1 measuring cups worth of tea. Number of servings depends on personal preference but shouldn't be larger than 1 tablespoon per cup. So the minimum amount of servings is 16.

**All teas from The Swallow's Flight are herbal and contain no caffeine. If you have any herbal allergies, please contact me after your purchase and I will ensure there is no accidental crossover between herbs.**