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The Sweet Surrender

The Sweet Surrender


The Sweet Surrender: Comprised of: Hibiscus, Rose Petals, Raspberry, Nettle, Rosehips, Echinecea & Mint

Facilitates: A balancing of the hormones, a nurturing of the emotions, a soothing to all feminine issues

This powerful blend is comprised of only herbs that speak specifically to women. Rose, Hibiscus & Raspberry are the power trio of healing for the female body. They balance hormone levels, ease cramps and uplift your mood. Nettle, often used as a cure all by the Native Americans, eases pain while bringing strength to your hair and nails, ensuring that your physical self is as radiant as your emotional self. Rosehips are dark and luxurious, giving this blend a full taste and rich color. It adds a little more depth and accentuates the incredible benefits of its sister, Rose. Echinecea boosts your immune system and ensures that your body will stave off attack from the outside world. Mint is a pleasant, uplifting friend- there to bring cheer and spriteliness. A delicious way to speak healing and joy to your body & spirit.


Comes in a simple brown tea bag with a 1 measuring cups worth of tea. Number of servings depends on personal preference but shouldn't be larger than 1 tablespoon per cup. So the minimum amount of servings is 16.

**All teas from The Swallow's Flight are herbal and contain no caffeine. If you have any herbal allergies, please contact me after your purchase and I will ensure there is no accidental crossover between herbs.**

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