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The Awakened

The Awakened


The Awakened: Comprised of: Rose Petals, Mint, Gingko Leaf, Rosemary, Ashwaganda Root,
Eucalyptus Leaf & Hibiscus

Facilitates: Sharpening the mind, awakening the body and uplifting the spirits

This blend was made to prepare you for those long days where you run from task to task. Ashwaganda increases your energy, allowing you to tackle your long to-do list. Rosemary & Gingko partner to heighten your mental acuity, allowing your mind to stay alert and sharp. Mint refreshes and cools your body, while Eucalyptus lends its bright taste. Rose is there to soften and protect the heart, leaving room for emotional well-being amidst the hustle. Hibiscus brings a little bit of flavor punch to awaken the senses and bring beauty to your day. This tea enhances your natural abilities and allows you to function at your highest level, while still loving your body & heart.


Comes in a simple brown tea bag with a 1 measuring cups worth of tea. Number of servings depends on personal preference but shouldn't be larger than 1 tablespoon per cup. So the minimum amount of servings is 16.

**All teas from The Swallow's Flight are herbal and contain no caffeine. If you have any herbal allergies, please contact me after your purchase and I will ensure there is no accidental crossover between herbs.**

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