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My Tea Workshop Journey

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I’m learning a lot about what running your own business *actually * is. It’s: thinking on your feet, facing your greatest weaknesses and strengths and learning to love them both equally. It’s about looking challenges in the face and choosing to believe that you can do it, even when you’re afraid you can’t. Mainly, it’s about faking it till you make it. Which is actually how my tea workshops got started. A friend wanted to host a unique girl’s night and pitched the idea to me. I swallowed hard, said “of course!”, like I’d done it a million times already and immediately inwardly panicked. Normally my best creative ideas happen organically and in my own mind, giving me the space to fail privately and with very little risk. Here, I had to work backwards and somehow find a way to make the idea mine, while also delivering it in a cute package for others to enjoy. NO PRESSURE AT ALL. What I landed on, actually grew into such a fun experience for this group of women and has grown into another passion of my heart.


Honestly, I began creating this workshop by thinking of my introduction to herbs and what I love most about them. I don’t think I ever fully appreciated how much the earth has provided for us until I delved into the beneficial properties of herbs. What fascinates me even more is their individual histories- what they’ve been used for in the past and by who.

 While we live in an age of great knowledge, we’ve unplugged from the traditions our ancestors passed down to us. Often times, that’s necessary, in order to purge the many negative aspects of them. BUT there is also such beautiful, ancient herbal wisdom that has been passed down for centuries that we’ve completely tossed away. Re-discovering them has brought me back to summers at my grandma’s, helping weed her garden and soaking in her little tidbits of information. Like, you can identify a plant from the mint family by its square stem and that surprisingly, both lavender and lemon balm are part of that family.

I’ve loved learning that roses used to be lain on tables in medieval Europe to signal that the meeting ahead was to be kept secret. Or that lavender was derived from the Latin word that meant “to wash”, which later was often used as a reference to poor English washerwomen, many of whom were sex workers.


 In my workshop, you get a chance to learn these fun history bits, along with their health benefits and spiritual symbolism, all while sampling each one brewed. From there, you set an intention for your tea and where you would like to focus healing on. Paired with the knowledge of taste & benefits, you’ll be able to experiment and create your own unique tea blend, made to bring healing to your own specific needs. You’ll walk out with a bag of this blend, the recipe to re-create it in the future and a greater understanding of one of Earths greatest gifts- herbs. I hope you’ll join me for this special kind of natural magic. I promise that this time, I’m not faking it .