The Swallow's Flight
A Book & Tea Shop



About the Shop

The Swallow’s Flight is an independent book and tea shop aimed at curating an intimate and unique experience through each interaction. We are based in LA and living primarily online and through events until our dream brick&mortar space is found. In the environment, we strive to capture a bit of the sense of beauty and escape that awaits you in each book. Books are organized by the feelings they evoke, with personal recommendations that are much more fulfilling than the generic book jackets.

Find new ways to experience old feelings as you discover suggestions that put a spin on the classics you’ve come to love. While you prepare to lose yourself in your next favorite book, grab a cup of tea that nourishes your body and soul. We offer a “tea prescription” service that caters to your mood/physical state of being on any given day. With blends that are created to fuel the positive and minimize the negative inside  you, drinking tea becomes a healing ritual instead of a mundane routine.

Currently, we have partnered with local South Pasadena business, Sincerely Vave, to bring the first Swallow’s Flight brick & mortar tea counter! It is located within their shop front, Flowers Magic Meditation at: 915 Fremont Ave Unit C, South Pasadena, CA 91030.

Feel free to come by for a custom blend or to shop all our hand made product! We look forward to seeing you!

About the Shop Creator

During a time of personal crisis, I looked at my life and realized how unhappy I was. Nothing looked like what I wanted- I didn’t even KNOW what I might want it to look like. I spent quite some time trying to figure that out, trying to discover what I could do with my life that would light me up from the inside. I remembered being a little girl on the East Coast, driving past store fronts and converting them into book shops in my mind. It had always seemed like a distant idea-a dream that could only take place in an alternate reality. Yet the more I thought of it, the more it filled me with joy, with hope. The more I realized it was everything I wanted my life to be. I carefully watered this idea in my little brain garden for 2 years until I couldn’t wait anymore- I made the jump and haven’t looked back since. My goal is to spread my deep passion of books, herbs/flowers and pretty things as far and wide as I can. I believe each of these things resonates in a varying and intimate way for each person and I believe those needs should be catered to. We all deserve to live outside the box and generic book jackets that others try to put us in. My hope is to provide each person with the individual self-care they need. So here I am. Dreaming, creating, hoping and daring. This business is a piece of myself that I am both thrilled and proud to finally share. I hope that you will dream, create and dare with me.  

Shop creator, Arielle Daxon

Shop creator, Arielle Daxon