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Book & Tea Care Package

Book & Tea Care Package


Books bring a certain special something to life. They give us wisdom, provide escape and envelope you in community, even when alone. Tea ushers in relaxation, health and self-care. Together, they form the perfect way to elevate your life and the way in which you look after your self.

One of the most fascinating aspects of each is that a persons taste in each can be vastly different. Each preference can be wildly specific and subject to change. There is no "one size fits all" book, no generic "everyone loves this" tea. Your taste in each is unique to YOU and that's a special thing that should be fostered. I believe that you shouldn't have to force yourself to fit into a generic box. You deserve something as special as you, something that fits your specific needs.

This service is made with that mission in mind: to give each person their own unique experience. 
Through an e-mail consultation, we will discuss what physical/emotional aspect in yourself that you'd like to focus healing on. Digestion, Insomnia and Depression are a some frequently requested examples. 
We'll then discuss what flavors you love/hate/are curious about to ensure each herb I select for you aligns with your flavor preferences.
Next, you'll tell me the emotion you'd like to experience in your next read and what books have given you that feeling in the past. This can be as ambiguous as, “I want to feel like fall” or as specific as, “I want to feel empowered”.
From there, I will take all this information to create a curated experience to fulfill your desires. 
In your package, you'll receive a hand selected book paired with a custom-for-you-tea blend. Your package will be yours alone, no one else will share this experience- because it is as distinctive and singular are you are.

** All teas are herbal and completely caffeine free**

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